The Smart & Green Way to Recycle Chicken Manure

Product Description

Chickens and eggs are an essential part of our diets. But, have you ever thought about the chicken manure that comes with rearing chickens and farming eggs? Chicken manure has a foul odour and attracts  flies, which leads to serious hygiene problems. It is, however, a great raw material for organic fertilizers, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers. Currently, the most prevalent method is called composting — an aerobic process — and it is dated. It has the following disadvantages:

  • Is cost ineffective, as chicken manure needs to be flipped several times
  • Requires a large space
  • Releases a foul smell

Progreen-FM provides a revolutionary way to anaerobically decompose chicken manure and offers an easier, quicker and more economical alternative to composting. All you need to do is apply, bag, stack and wait. Foul odour is eliminated within 10 days and chicken manure is fully decomposed within just 21 days.


  • Results in organic fertilizers that are environmentally friendly and highly fertile, as compared to chemical fertilizers
  • Requires low capital investment:
    • Does not require special equipment
    • Does not require large space since bagged processed chicken manure is stackable
  • Eliminates foul odour within 10 days

Directions for Use

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