An Immunity Boosting Formula of Natural Essential Oils for Your Plants 


  • Consumers are now more knowledgeable about the potential threat agricultural chemicals have on food safety. The best alternative is natural products with no chemical residue or toxicity concerns
  • Growers are also choosing to use less of agricultural chemicals in their crop and/or plant production
  • Papaya Ringspot Virus (PRSV) is transmitted via mechanical activities such as pruning, and by numerous aphid species
  • Using natural plant extracts, growers can mitigate the incidence rate of PRSV

Mode of Action

  • RINGSTOP stimulate the immune system, boosting plants’ natural defence mechanism and enhancing disease resistance
  • RINGSTOP disrupt the DNA synthesis process of PRSV
  • RINGSTOP adversely affects the proteins found on the outer membrane of PRSV
  • RINGSTOP adversely affects the physiological functions of pathogenic microbes, reducing their ability to invade plant cell

Product Features 

  • RINGSTOP is uniquely formulated using several anti-viral essential oils
  • RINGSTOP effectively mitigates the symptoms of PRSV
  • Using only natural plant extracts, we ensure that RINGSTOP is easy to handle and safe to use
  • There are no concerns about pesticide residues or drug resistance
  • For preventive use, apply RINGSTOP regularly

Active Ingredients

  • Fennel oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint

Product Specification / Packing 

  • 1 L per HDPE bottle; 20 HDPE bottles per carton
  • Liquid

Directions for Use

Dilute 200 times and apply to plants by spraying or directly watering. 1L of RINGSTOP is intended for approximately 1 acre of land (actual area depends on crop type and/or planting density). It is highly recommended that you use RINGSTOP 1 – 2 times per week. RINGSTOP prevents the spreading of Papaya Ringspot Virus (PRSV) and effectively mitigates its symptoms


  • Must use the specified dilution factor
  • Do not use RINGSTOP with other probiotic and/or microbial fertilizers. If other probiotic and/or microbial fertilizers have been applied, must wait for at least six days before applying RINGSTOP