Formula for Stimulating Fruit Growth — More Fruits, Better Fruits

 Background Knowledge

  • Fruits are the physical manifestation of the nutrient utilization process; enough nutrients must be supplied throughout the entire cycle for a good harvest
  • From seedlings to fruits, plants require different nutrients for different stages of growth. FRUITUP offers an all-in-one solution that can be applied in all stages, which is much more convenient for growers
  • Foliar application of fertilizer ensures that no nutrients are lost to the soil, which helps reduce production costs and enhance profitability

Product Features

  • Plants often lack calcium, magnesium and other trace elements during the fruit bearing period. FRUITUP is your best solution
  • Fast-acting phosphorous and potassium result in more robust flowering and blossoming
  • Phosphorous and calcium fixation occurs in soil; foliar supplementation is fast and effective
  • Potassium helps regulate water transport in plants, resulting in more luscious fruits
  • Phosphorous and potassium supplementation enhances fruit sweetness

Mode of Action

  • Foliar application of fertilizer ensures that nutrients do not become fixated in soil, which reduce their availability to crops and plants
  • Nutrients are more readily absorbed by the leaves than the roots. It is especially advantageous during the fattening stages of crop and plant production
  • Additional supplementation during the flowering and fruiting stages of crop and plant production can be directly translated to yield increase
  • Nutrients must only be provided when needed to avoid unnecessary increase in production cost

Product Composition

Citric acid 1.0%

Fermentation broth of Lactobacillus 99.0%

Active Ingredients

Crude protein 1.0%

Potassium 2.0%

Magnesium 2.0%

Calcium 2.0%

Phosphorous 2.0%

Product Specification


1 L per HDPE bottle; 20 HDPE bottles per carton



Directs for Use

Dilute 1000 times and evenly spray on the front and back sides of leave every other week