Natural Solution to Reducing Respiratory Diseases

Product Description

MENFLU is a natural, water-soluble essential oil blend, composed of eucalyptus and peppermint. It is specifically designed to improve poultry health and welfare and reducing respiratory diseases

How does it work?

Eucalyptus & peppermint:

  • Provides a refreshing favour
  • Promotes regeneration of respiratory epithelia such as cilia
  • Reduces inflammation of respiratory tract
  • Reduces mucus accumulation
  • Stimulates partial and systematic immunity


  • Enhances palatability and drinking water stabilization
  • Reduces chronic respiratory diseases and co-infections during epidemic periods
  • Reduces negative post-vaccination responses
  • High solubility and stability
  • Free of chemicals and drugs

Directions for Use

Preventive treatment: to enhance digestive and respiratory health

  • 250mL of MENFLU / 1,000L of drinking water
  • 2 days per week; 12 hours per day

Therapeutic treatment: to treat respiratory diseases

  • 250mL of MENFLU / 1,000L of drinking water
  • 3 consecutive days immediately after ND/IB vaccination and on the 26th – 28th days; 12 hours per day

Spray treatment: to improve environment and thereby enhance animal health and welfare:

  • 250mL of MENFLU / 10L of water
  • 2 days per week; 12 hours per day

Mite and mosquito control:

  • 250mL of MENFLU / 125L of water; directly spray grounds of poultry feeding houses
  • 1 – 2 days per week

Product Specification



Colour: Coming Soon!

Form: Liquid

Packing: 250mL / bottle or 1L / bottle


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