Maximizing Profitability by Optimizing Fat Digestibility and Absorption

Product Description

EMUPACK is a functional emulsifier, designed to enhance fat emulsion and micelle formation. Optimizing fat digestibility and absorption, and thereby improving feed efficiency, significantly reduces livestock and poultry production costs without compromising animal health and welfare

How does it work?


  • Behaves similarly to bile salts during fat emulsion
  • Results in smaller emulsion particles
  • Reduces Critical Micelle Concentration i.e. more micelles are formed


  • Reduces chyme viscosity and improves feed digestibility
  • Enhances absorption of fats and nutrients
  • Enhances apparent metabolizable energy by improving utilization of lipids and fat-soluble nutrients
  • Enhances animal health and welfare, as indicated by improved carcass characteristics, growth performance and size uniformity
  • Free of chemicals and drugs

Directions for Use

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Product Specification




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Useful Information

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