Live Bacterial Formula that Effectively Promotes Crop Root Growth

Background Knowledge

  • A healthy root system is essential for superior nutrient uptake and growth performance. The quality of any root system depends on:
    • Soil environment
    • Soil microbiota
  • Soil microbiota is an ecological community of soil bacteria that engage in various types of relationship such as commensalism, symbiosis, competitive exclusion and etc…
  • When pathogenic bacteria are in abundance, normal physiological functions of plants are affected and plant health is jeopardized

Product Features

  • Promotes dissolution of inorganic salts in soil for better absorption and utilization by plants
  • Secretes enzymes that promote plant growth
  • Reduces the number of pathogens in soil and plant diseases incidences

Mode of Action

  • Probiotics strengthen the root system of crops and plants, thereby enhancing nutrient uptake and absorption
  • Probiotics promote the dissolution of inorganic salts as well as nutrients that have been fixated by organic matter, thereby enhancing nutrient utilization by crops and plants
  • The metabolites that are released into the soil as probiotics grow and multiply enhance the growth performance of crops and plants
  • Probiotics engage in competitive exclusion, both nutritionally and spatially, with pathogenic bacteria, thereby reducing their negative effects on crops and plants

Trial Data

Crop: Fukuyama lettuce

Total Fresh Weight (g)Fresh Root Weight (g)Fresh Aerial Part Weight (g)Fresh Root Length (cm)Fresh Aerial Part Height (cm)
Competing Brand21.761.1020.666.8719.97

Active Ingredients

  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus thuringiensis
  • Bacillus licheniformis

Product Specification 


1 kg per aluminium foil bag; 20 bags per carton



Directions for Use

Thoroughly mix 1 kg of BIORADICAL per 1 ton of water and directly water around the roots (use maximal daily watering limit as your reference)