Mission, Vision & Values

Decades of irresponsible and unsustainable farming practices have left our planet in a very vulnerable position. If we continued the course, our children and their future generations would be not able to enjoy the food we take for granted today.

We want to be the change we wish to see in the world, but we cannot do this alone. As a matter of fact, we need each and every one of the stakeholders to genuinely believe that we are the locomotive that is going to drive our world towards a more sustainable food system and a greener future.


  • Our customers are our top priority:
    • To offer a wide selection of science-driven agricultural products — feed additives, feed ingredients, animal health solutions, organic fertilizers and waste management solutions — that are economical, effective and environmentally friendly
    • To continually develop new products to meet the changing needs of our customers
  • Our employees are our most valuable assets:
    • To invest our resources and time in building a world class corporate culture
    • To empower our employees so that they can and do make independent decisions
    • To not only encourage our employees to pursue higher education, but also provide the financial means to do so


Our goal is to be an instrumental part of the movement for a greener future, changing the world the way we know how. As an advocate of organic farming and sustainable food system, we envision a future where we could feed our entire world population economically and sustainably.


We are a firm believer and active practitioner of the TBL — the triple bottom line — with puts equal emphasis on people (social well-being), planet (environmental well-being) and profit (financial well-being).