Company Profile

In recent years, businesses, consumers and government agencies have become increasingly concerned with the use of synthetic chemical compounds in agriculture, and subsequently its effect on human health. There is strong evidence supporting that the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP’s) and chemical fertilizers in the production of food animals and crops, respectively, jeopardizes our food system as well as our food safety.

New Well Power is an advocate of organic farming and sustainable food system and firmly believes that we can be an instrumental part of the green movement. So, join us now as we strive for a greener tomorrow, changing the world the way we know how!

At our inception in 1988, New Well Power was a trading company that mainly imported feed additives, feed ingredients and animal health solutions. Over the years, as our business grew, so did our ambition.

Our first step was to assemble a team of top researchers from a multitude of academic backgrounds, who are as passionate about sustainability as we are, with the mission to develop products that are economical, effective and environmentally-friendly. Our current product categories include feed additives, feed ingredients, animal health solutions, organic fertilizers as well as waste management solutions.

As part of our effort to further our mission, we established manufacturing plants in both Taiwan and Vietnam to not only meet the growing demand for our products in both domestic and international markets, but also to ensure that all of the products manufactured by our company are held to the highest standards of efficacy and quality.